Carpet Seam Repair

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If your seam came apart, either you had poor installation initially or some agitation on the carpet. Perhaps the carpet got wet and now the seams came apart. One of the common issues is the delamination of the carpet where the primary backing and the secondary backing come apart from each other.

Don’t worry, we can repair both!

Also, there is a high probability that your carpet needs to be stretched after the carpet seam repair. By now, you probably know that you need to have it “power stretched”, that is stretched with a carpet power stretcher, click here for more information on that.

In any and all of these cases, we can help you, we are IICRC certified and trained in Carpet Repair, Seam Repair, Carpet Stretching & Carpet Re-Stretching.

So give us a call to discuss your particular situation, we will remedy this situation same day in most cases! Call (888) 837-0029