Furniture Stain Removal from Carpet

Furniture Stain Removal from Carpet 2018-09-04T22:20:10+00:00
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Furniture Stain Removal From Carpeting

This can be caused by the transfer of the color stain from the furniture rubbing off onto the carpet. And this is generally because of exposure to water from either a spill, someone who cleaned your carpets and did not put cardboard under your couch or table, or even flood damage.

Revive Carpet Repair restores the original color to your carpet after removing various types of stains with the proper chemicals, heat and agitation.

So, before you spend potentially thousand of dollars on replacing your stained carpet, stop what you’re doing and call us today! The highly skilled experts of Revive Carpet Repair will save you big headaches, and a lot of money by fixing furniture stains that you have without having to replace all of the carpet! Call now! 1 310 736 2018